Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Promise of 2010…

Looking back a year ago, I wasn't exactly hopeful about the prospects for 2009. The economic climate reported on NPR made me feel like we were about to return to a scene right out of Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath. I was ready to white knuckle 2009 prepared to just survive it and move on.

So what will 2010 bring? Today, the DOW reached a 15 month high closing at 10,680. A correction looms but most economists agree that by year end, the overall Wall Street numbers will look good for the first year of the new decade.

In politics the White House and the GOP will duke it out over Healthcare, Taxes, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, plus other policies concerning our national security. I don't expect either side making much headway as the political divide has grown so deep that gridlock will be the new norm. Still, voters will be actively involved in midterm House and Senate races and Americans will be waiting for the latest info on upcoming judiciary picks.

Technology will bring more products and services than ever before. Mobile web/widgets powered by GPS as well as Wi-Fi and triangulation will refocus our social networking. This year will revolutionize how we communicate and how we as individuals connect. The new news isn't the world news. The new news is the status updates and tweets our friends post. This is good news for 2010. New technologies like active pixel displays, passive displays and pico projectors will allow us to share visually in ways we have never even thought possible. I'm looking forward to that.

2010 has been pretty good so far. I'm looking forward to the promise of 2010. I think this will be a great year. I think people are going to work hard to make it a great year. 2009 was humbling and it brought a focus that reminded people what's important. Again, I like the promise of 2010. Do you?


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