Monday, July 19, 2010

Same ol' news

BP's broken well was leaking oil and gas again Monday for the first time since the company capped it last week, and Senate Democrats are preparing to restore jobless checks for 2.5 million people whose benefits ran out during a congressional standoff over deficit spending.

The oil spill and unemployment are still the top two news stories.  In my last blog, I wanted to know which was worse... I guess I still do. Oil prices are hovering around $77 a barrel as crude traders wait for clearer signals on the strength of the global economy and stock markets.  I think that we will be looking forward to an erratic stock market in the moths to come as politics and business activity push and pull the economy in a tug of war until the mid-term elections are final. 

I will be watching the BP oil situation and the employment numbers until my next blog.